Красные Звёзды

жанры: punk, post-punk, russian, rock
альбомы: Красное колесо, Кругозор
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 513 просмотров
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Myshelovkin cheese, so celestial globe,
In the fevered dream custom fire.
In the deep pit ringing laughter,
Silver sin drowned hands.

Jellied meadow, painted ax
In a lonely sleeping customized terror.
Chilling fear, but the creaking of the diamond,
Nuclear mushroom lonely love.

Vasilisin coffin, but the heavenly rubbish.
The lethargy of young fire.
Exhausted God and amber luster,
A furious surge ohuevshey power!

Build a fire so across the steppe!
Just do not you dare look at them!
Poured napalm yes across the country!
Red Wheel burn desert!

Endure to the balcony Vasilisin coffin
Opens his insides, his gun,
Malachite delirium, late lunch,
For a town where the dead were taken to bed.
Greenhorn dud bend in an arc,
Gag distribute porridge in a circle,
On the curve groove moved swastika
In the long eternal Milky Way!

Water fell ill. Cried the star.
Lit star. Yes, over a black field!
Pinch the chest, a red light ahead,
They ran, flew, jumped, swam.
Pours gasoline on the green forest.
Let burns in the fire demon fascinated.
For fun, we, yes to cry wolf.
Lights a candle LAST !!!

Open the window, Start Your Engines,
Probably to get a battle ax,
Put on your new boots,
Try on ceremonial chains.
Let the whole earth chimes,
Let nationwide human moan
Closes his eyes, brimming!
Light a red wheel desert!

Plasticine enemy is close,
Enchanted ball more,
If only jump a little higher,
If only move farther
Dirty feet numb,
And run by the colored field
Barefoot in the Grass cold,
By malachite mauve forest!

Spew his last hoarse shout.
Fill the Void FRESH rain.
BRILLIANT scores a nail in the coffin.
Lie down on the cross, cover with YES Cross.
Pours gasoline on a green forest.
LET on fire fascinated BES.
FOR FUN WE, YES to crying wolf.
Ignited his last candle .........
Это интересно:История группы началась с того, что встретились два талантливых человека - Селиванов и Белов. Это было 11 июля 1993 года. До этого Селиванов уже имел на руках альбом под названием "Детские игрушки". У Белова же обнаружилась собственная репетиционная база. В неё-то и вписалась группа, которую Селиванов впоследствии распустил, оставив в ней себя и Белова. Позже к ним присоединились Александр... продолжение
А как ты думаешь, о чем песня "Заклинание" ?
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