Easy Tiger


Every Time I Die

жанры: hardcore, metalcore, metal
альбомы: Gutter Phenomenon
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1252 просмотра
I ain't gonna give up
If you ain't moving down
I ain't gonna move on
If you ain't never got enoughGive the signal advance the pill pushers
Administer a change purse full of Thorazine
Show the girl, a little bar courtesy
And keep her senses clear of the sceneWe've found a gentleman caller
Who goes by the name she's been weeping forTurn her over, easy in and easy out
We've nearly got this situation stable
Just some winces to eradicate
Take a deep breath, cut the blue wireKeep your fingers crossed
And pray she's been detached
She stirs and I'm emasculatedDoctor, doctor, give her the blues
She got herself a varsity letter by loving youBreach and clearThe abandoned backseat of the Cadillac
We've been alerted by the local authorities
That regret has been seen on the grounds
Teasing the dogs, making the roundsThere's a heart shaped bed in the honeymoon ward
Circulates dust
Twitches and vomits in fits like the damned
Comforts none but the slothYet, we pay by the hour for the bricklayer's view
Johnny, dream of your gun
Johnny, dream of your gun
Johnny, dream of your gun
Johnny, dream of your gunGoddammit commander, she's a hopeless case
Note the time she arrived
I didn't think we would loose another one to the sound
There were too many fangs for us to tameSomeone fetch her blue eyes
From a restroom wall downtown
She stirs, we underestimatedDoctor, doctor, give her the news
She caught herself a case of the wilds by loving you
She caught a bad case of the wilds
She caught a bad case of the wilds
She flatlines
Это интересно:Metalcore-квинтет «Every Time I Die» из Буффало был сформирован зимой 1998 года. Возглавляемый в то время братьями Кейтом (Keith, вокал) и Джорданом Бакли (Jordan Buckley, гитара), состав на тот момент состоял также из гитариста Эндр Уильямса (Andrew Williams), бас-гитариста Джона МакКарти (John McCarthy) и барабанщика Майкла Новака (Michael "Ratboy" Novak). За время первого короткого тура по Нью-Йорку и Канаде молодую группу заметил... продолжение
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