Fight Like Apes

жанры: irish, indie rock, indie, electronic, art rock, alternative
Это интересно: Fight Like Apes (also referred to as FLApes or FLA) are an Irish alternative rock band formed in Dublin in 2006. Their members are Mary-Kate "MayKay" Geraghty (vocals and synth), Jamie "Pockets" Fox (keyboard and vocals), Tom Ryan (bass) and Adrian Mullan (drums). They are known for their elongated record titles, usually inspired by B movies. They have released two EPs, How Am I Supposed to Kill You If You Have All the Guns? and David Carradine is a Bounty Hunter Whos Robotic Arm Hates Your Crotch (both in 2007), and one album, Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion (2008). In 2009, they released an EP for the American market titled You Filled His Head with Fluffy... продолжение

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