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"Metallic Falcons"
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Metallic Falcons

жанры: experimental, freak folk, psychedelic, folk, new weird america, alternative
Это интересно: Сольный проект Сьерры Кэседи (CocoRosie). Luminous, lovely and diaphanously indeterminate, this first full-length collaboration between CocoRosie's Sierra Casady and the Voodo-EROS label's Matteah Baim often sounds like a radio catching wildly different stations, oscillating between buzzing guitar motifs, silly b-movie fantasy scripts and operatic trills.The disc's first two cuts set its mysteriously beautiful tone, with cathedral-worthy chants billowing into uneasy harmonies. "Journey" wafts gently on clouds of overtones, voices hitting notes then dissolving into misty indefiniteness, until they part... продолжение

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