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  1. Always
  2. It's Not Over
  3. Destroyer
  4. We Have Love
  5. Heartbeat
  6. One Piece


жанры: electronic, synthpop, nu disco, electropop, indie, disco
Это интересно: With their breezy pop sensibility and sun-baked synths, it’s no surprise to learn that Panama was conceived in Los Angeles. Bandleader Jarrah McCleary used to front Perth up-and-comers The Dirty Secrets but a summer misspent in the City Of Angels in 2011 changed all that and he set up in Sydney upon his return with a new sound and a new moniker. Mixing up a tropical cocktail of shiny ‘80s synths, liquid basslines and island percussion, Panama recalls the heady highs of The Friendly Fires and summery vibes of fellow Sydneysiders The Holidays and New Navy. © ... продолжение

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  1. Always EP
  2. It's Not Over EP
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