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"Sydän, sydän"
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Sydän, sydän

жанры: finnish, progressive rock, art rock, alternative, rock, indie
Это интересно: The Jelly Jam is a three-piece rock band, consisting of Ty Tabor of King’s X on guitar and vocals, Rod Morgenstein of The Dixie Dregs and Winger on drums, and John Myung of Dream Theater on bass. Along with keyboardist Derek Sherinian, Tabor, Morgenstein, and Myung previously collaborated under the name Platypus.Their self-titled debut album, The Jelly Jam, was released by InsideOut Music in 2002. Their second album, 2, followed in 2004.In 2010 the band returned to the studio to record Shall We Descend. This full length recording is slated for a November 2011 release.Also in 2010 the band released the special bonus package, Additives.

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2008 год
  1. Usko itseesi
2006 год
  1. Au
2004 год
  1. Kännykkä
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