Beauty Is Only Skin Deep


The Temptations

жанры: soul, oldies, 60s
альбомы: Motown's Greatest Hits, Gold, My Girl: The Very Best Of The Temptations, 1966-1969, Anthology, 50th Anniversary: The Singles Collection 1961-1971, My Girl
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 563 просмотра
So in love, sad as could be
'Cause a pretty face got the best of me
Suddenly you came into my life
And gave it meaning and pure delight
Now, good looks I've learned to do without
'Cause now I know it's love that really counts
I know beauty's only skin deep
Yeah yeah yeah
I know that beauty's only skin deep
Yeah yeah yeah (yes indeed)Now, you speak your words warm and sincere
And let's me know that your love is near
A pretty face you many not possess
But what I like about you is your tenderness
A pretty face may be some guys taste
But I'll take lovin' in its place
'Cause I know beauty's only skin deep
Yeah yeah yeah
And I know, beauty's only skin deep
Oh baby, oh yeah (oh yeah, oh yeah)
Beauty's only skin deep
Yeah yeah yeah
Beauty's only skin deep
Oh yeahNow, friends ask what do I see in you
But it goes deeper than the eye can view
You have a pleasing personality
And that's an ever lovin' rare quality
Now, show me a girl, a girl that's fine
And I'll choose the one with true lovin' ev'ry time
'Cause I know that beauty's only skin deep
And I believe that (yeah yeah yeah)
Beauty's only skin deep
Oh yeah
So if you're lookin' for a lover
(Oh, yeah) don't judge a book by its cover
(Oh yeah) she may be fine on the outside
(Oh yeah) but so untrue on the inside
Это интересно:«The Temptations» (сокращённо «The Temps» или «The Tempts») — американский мужской вокальный коллектив, удостоившийся премии Грэмми. Самая популярная мужская вокальная группа 60-х - начала 70-х годов. К 1982 году - за двадцать лет работы - их диски разошлись общим тиражом в 22 миллиона, а фирма Motown, на которой неизменно записывались музыканты, считала группу самым выгодным из своих проектов. На сцене выступают... продолжение
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