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Everybody Knows


Stephen Paul Taylor

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Everybody knows [bad word] #39;s [bad word] 
I don't give a good [bad word] 
Your Uncle Sam is a [bad word] 
I don't wanna see him again
Have to pretend
Count to ten
You blew up your towers to justify a war
I don't really care what your arms are for
More money on defence [bad word] hospitals
 [bad word] human beings
 [bad word] humanity (4x)

The country I was born in sold its soul to you [bad word] 
Now you patrol both sides of the border
No, I don't wanna listen to your order
New World Order New World Order
Haven't got anything to lose
40 years old half dead
Got a noose in my hands
Somebody gave it to me
I don't want it
No, I don't want it. NO!

You patrol both sides of the borders (2x)

Everybody knows [bad word] #39;s [bad word] (rpt)

There's no explanation for the third building
Falling Toppling We sing Extinct
Is what we are as a race
If we don't face the fact
The government [bad word] us up the [bad word] 
Creating another Pearl Harbour
Killin' its own kind
What for?
I don't know [bad word] 
Got money on the mind
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