Todd Snider

жанры: singer-songwriter, alt-country, americana, folk, country
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 466 просмотров
I guess it all started, the day my brand new car wouldn’t
So I took it to this dealer Recommended as a good’un
He told me four hundred bucks would fix it
So I asked about the guarantee
He just smiled and he told me 
Slim that ran out last week
I been taken again , I’ve been taken again
Its like playing the blues 
If your snoozing you lose
You’ll be taken again

I drove to this bar, outside of Colorado Springs
Gonna drink a case of cold Coors
Hear old Merle Haggard sing
They had this antlered rabbit on the wall
Spiked horns and ears a foot tall
The bartender told me it was a Colorado jack lope


Well later I took home, This old nymphomaniac
But I could not get her to lie upon her back
She told me something in my eyes had made her realize
That she could never do that lustful thing with me.

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Это интересно: Lori McKenna (born in Massachusetts December, 1968 as Lorraine Giroux) is an American folk singer/songwriter. She lives in Stoughton, Massachusetts with her husband and five children.
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