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Good Vibes


Alma, Tove Styrke

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Soon I'm on a plane, doing the same, same [bad word] that I always do
You be handsome, but I finna go talk
Now it's just me and you
Me and you

[Pre-Chorus: ALMA]
So skip all the screaming and shouting
Let go of the blaming and crying
I don't wanna waste time on fighting, now
I know that it's probably crazy
But I need you to call me your baby
Even if you have to fake it

[Chorus 1: ALMA]
Just tell me your sweet lies, sweet lies
And then look at my sad eyes, sad eyes
Let's pretend this one last time
Before we go and kill all the good vibes

[Verse 2: Tove Styrke]
2 AM cab rides
Hotels and strobe lights
Falling asleep alone
You have that day job, hey, but it pays off
Can't stand that I'm not home
I'm not home
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