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Hold My Girl


George Ezra

жанры: indie, singer-songwriter, british, folk, indie folk
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 489 просмотров
https:/ [bad word] [bad word] 
yea I don’t know where she came from 
but god [bad word] I wanna say something 
she a dime wanna make her mine
heard through the grape vine she a great time

yea it should be a god [bad word] crime
to look that [bad word] fine 
gotta lock her up and throw away the key
or you could lock her up and give the key to me

she likes to take it down low
down low
drop it down to the ground floor 
the ground floor 
I just wanna go and explore 
ooo baby I just want more
I want more

got a body like a rockstar
a rock star
yea that [bad word] is looking rock hard
yea rock hard
I would put her on the roster
cuz she keeps on getting hotter
and hotter 
ooo baby

she doesn’t take it slow
she’s putting on a show
she’s acting like a pro 
ooo baby let’s go

ooo she look straight from the city
ooo man she look so pretty
god [bad word] I’d like to get busy
yea baby girl come with me

yea we take it outside oh
yea wanna stay up all night oh
yea wanna get it all right oh
yea now she wanna slip and slide oh

she got a fine [bad word] body 
with her head on straight
and she look a little naughty 
but that’s a ok
now I wanna get a drink
just you and me
I don’t really wanna think
I just wanna be

she givin 3rd degree burns
man I think I need a doctor
got me concerned 
cuz she got me hot and bothered 
everything she earned 
didn’t get it from her father
man you think I’d learn
but she turns me to a monster

she doesn’t take it slow
she’s putting on a show
she’s acting like a pro 
ooo baby let’s go
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Это интересно: Джордж Эзра (род. 7 июня 1993 года) - британский певец и автор песен.Свою карьеру музыкант начал в 2013 году с релиза мини-альбома Did You Hear The Rain?, за которым последовал второй мини-альбом Cassy O', выпущенный весной 2014 года.Релиз полноценного лонгплея под названием Wanted On Voyage состоялся 30 июня 2014 года. Лид-сингл... подробнее
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