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Let The Snow Begin! (New Year's Eve 2017)


One Dish Dinner

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Good morning kids!
What a beautiful day is coming!
Snow is falling, sun is shining, the 2017 New Year is shortly arriving. 
This New Year should be for you. Have a great New Year!
May this holiday season brighten you up with peace, joy and good cheer!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And now Karen prepared an amazing poem for us. 
So let's enjoy this miracle. 
Please, Karen begin!

Thank you Santa!  

Happy New year!
Is coming here!

Let the snow begin!
Over and over again!

All your dreams come true!
I'll crawling back to you!

Try to dry your tears!
And forget your fears!

 [bad word] #33;

Thank you Karen! What a great lines!
And now let's make a noise and clap our hands for another participant of our show!

Alex, please play this [bad word] for us!
Don't forget to clap your hands [bad word] #33;
Here we go now!
Play this [bad word] son!
Please welcome One Dish Dinner!
Let's go yo!

So my friend!
May this New Year adorn your life with many beautiful things and sweet memories to cherish forever.
And care of those whom the heart holds close,
along with abundant joys and happiness, for you and your family.

Let's go yo!
Wishing you life's best this New Year.  

Thank you Alexey!
Our show's coming to the end. Please clap your hands for yourselfs.
Here is a wishing that the coming year is a glorious one that rewards
all your future endeavors with success. 
Good luck and Happy New year bithes!
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