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"My Dad Is Dead"
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    "My Dad Is Dead"

      Let's Be DIY


      My Dad Is Dead

      жанры: post-punk, experimental, indie, indie rock, new wave
      рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 682 просмотра
      You don't like that place. Why did you go there? 
      Last night you were so annoyed. Why did you go there? 
      The atmosphere is stale and the people are unfriendly. 
      And the sound is always bad, and you walk out feeling had. 
      Let's buy a bar. We can give it a cool name. 
      Start the shows at eight so nobody goes home late. 
      Let's be DIY, a private place for you and I 
      And a dozen of our friends. And we can all pretend, 
      Behind our private little screen, that I'm the king and you're the queen. 
      And we can all be happy in our cozy little scene. 
      Maybe we're too old, but I don't think so. 
      I prefer experienced. We just want a good show. 
      In a place where we can breathe and have a conversation, 
      And maybe have a drink to wash down our medication.
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      Это интересно: Легендарная в узких кругах и незаслуженно мало известная широкой общественности пост-панк группа My Dad is Dead была основана Марком Эдвардсом (Mark Edwards) в 1985 году, в Кливленде, штат Огайо, под впечатлением от музыки Pere Ubu и мрачной лирики Joy Division. На данный момент группа записала 13 альбомов и полдюжины синглов.Марк Эдвардс играл в Thermos... подробнее
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      А как ты думаешь, о чем песня "Let's Be DIY" ?
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