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Mona Lisa


Cretu And Thiers

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Mona Lisa

(Cretu - Thiers/Hirschburger)
Mona Lisa
You started ages ago
Mona Lisa
One minute after the glow

You watch continuous motion
Without a show of emotion

Mona Lisa
You know the game and the slaves
Can you see them
As they are dyin' in waves

Do you always
Count in murder and tears of pain
Has a flower
To be stained in a red rain

Mona Lisa
Can idols show me the way
Can you hear me
As ravens darken the sky

You watch the glamorous fire
It will erase the entire

Do you know me
I'm a part of the rise and fall
An' I can't smile at
My own life as a sideshow

Mona Lisa
In 86 we arrive
Mona Lisa
Just in the prime of my life

Now I see that
If I cry for the moon tonight
I'll be searchin'
Just for someone on my side

Mona Lisa
I'll never trust in a lie
Can you hear me
Time and again I will try

An' just in every location
I find the right explanation

I can try
I can try
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