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Why did she go


Fools garden

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Mother's waiting in the kitchen
The elephant's waiting in the zoo
The teacher's waiting in the classroom
And I am waiting here for you

And the audience is waiting
for the show that won't begin
The artist's waiting at the backdoor
because nobody let him in

Why did she go?
She said there's no tomorrow
How did she know?
Did anybody tell her?
I can't explain
I'm sitting in the corner
Staring at the wall
And she won't be back again

Louise was waiting for a lover
First he paid and then he came
Now she's cooking for a baby
The client wasn't seen again

Why did she go...

It's time you started
to think seriously about
Your future and your dreaming
She said and didn't leave no room for doubt
That if I took her meaning
There was no longer dreaming
It's just a perfect screaming

Why did she go...

She's back again
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