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  1. Pale Green Ghosts
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Sigourney Weaver


John Grant

альбомы: Queen Of Denmark
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1199 просмотров
When I woke up today 
the air was very strange
I couldn't feel my skin
and there was evil in my bones
I tried to speak but found
that I didn't have a voice
It was a prison like the one 
you would find in the twilight zone.

And I feel just like Sigourney Weaver
When she had to kill those aliens
and one guy tried to get them back to the earth
and she couldn't believe her ears

So I was taken or I went towards what was west
to where the ground was dead

and struck out at the giant sky
the sky was black and filled with tiny silver holes
and it was there with a frightened voice 
that I began to cry out loud 

And I feel just like Winona Ryder
in that movie about vampires
and she couldn't get that accent right
and neither could that other guy

And I feel just like I am on Jupiter
the one that looks rainbow sherbert
but it doesn't lend itself to life
and I haven't finished yet.
Это интересно:Джон Грант американский певец и композитор, фронтмен и лидер ныне прекратившей свое существование инди-рок группы The Czars. До того как он начал играть в группе The Czars он хотел стать переводчиком в Германии, но вскоре понял что его знания языка слишком бедны чтоб устроиться на работу его мечты. После того как в 2004 году группа The Czars прекратила свое существование Джон еще несколько месяцев выступал... продолжение
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